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The OPEN.ioting mobile application distinguishes between two types of users:



The Owner is the level with the highest privileges and has the ability to configure the device settings and add or delete users in the application.

The Owner has the right to invite additional users to the application, for example, family members in the case of a family, or the common representative in the case of a condominium, or a manager of a company can invite the employees at a site.

The Owner invites Users by email by providing an email address. 

The Owner can invite up to 50 people to manage a device free of charge, but that can be increased to 500 people* for a one-time fee.

Increasing the number of users*:


  • up to 100 users for EUR 25

  • up to 500 users for EUR 75


You can expand the number of Users via the mobile app and pay the fee by debit card there.

Only the app Owner can remove the User from the app and of course the User can decide to delete the device and stop using it.

*The user extension will be available soon.

The Owner can associate 50 Users to each device added.



The User accepts the request by clicking on the activation link in the email.


If the User does not already have the OPEN.ioting mobile app, the link will automatically redirect to the Google / Apple store where the mobile app can be downloaded. If you already have the OPEN.ioting mobile app, the link will install the device.


IMPORTANT: Always open the link in the invitation using the mobile app on the mobile phone from which you want to control OPEN.ioting. 

Want to know more about owner and user rights and functions? 

Read the following frequently asked questions on this topic. In our experience a solution to 95% of problems can be found there, but if not, our Technical Support team is always ready to help.

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