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Operation of the OPEN.ioting smart gate opener with the Alexa smart home system

Prerequisites: Functioning OPEN.ioting gate opening device – it can be connected to the Alexa smart home system.

Connecting to Alexa

On the Alexa interface, click on the "Skills & Games" button and search for the OPEN.ioting tool.


Click on the OPEN.ioting icon and then tap on the “Settings” button as the next step.


Important! Ensure that the language setting on Alexa matches the language used by OPEN.ioting. As seen in the image, among the languages supported by OPEN.ioting, you can find the language set on the Alexa device, which, in our case, is English (US).


Once the Alexa account is connected to OPEN.ioting, the OPEN.ioting devices for which you have authorization become visible.


Provide an English name for the connected OPEN.ioting gate opener device that Alexa can easily manage.

OIO-Support-TIP-EN (1).webp

Alexa displays control for every gate for which you have authorization in the OPEN.ioting App. If you do not wish to control any of these gates, you can individually remove them from the list of connected gates.

OIO-Support-Alexa-csatl-06-EN (1).webp

The gate's voice control must be enabled in the pop-up window.


The opening command is only possible through code input in voice commands.

For this, you need to provide a unique 4-digit code during the initial setup, which Alexa will ask for when issuing the opening command.


As a final step, the configured gate control appears in the system, in our case, 'Garage Door.' 
Alexa control is now ready to use.


Would you like to know more about the Alexa smart home system?

Read the following frequently asked questions on the subject. According to our experience, you can find a solution to 95% of the problems, but if not, our technical support colleagues are always at your disposal.

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