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Apple Watch settings

Control your gate with an Apple Watch

Opening and closing gates with an Apple Watch makes everyday life even easier. 
Follow the steps below and enjoy unlimited freedom.

1. Make sure that the following setting is enabled on your phone: Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Passwords and Keychain -> Sync iPhone

2. If the OPEN.ioting app is not automatically installed on your watch, select and install the OPEN.ioting app in the Watch app on your iPhone.

Apple watch set up in mobile

3. Once installed, the OPEN.ioting app icon will appear on the clock among the other apps. You can also add the icon to the “clock face” after editing the face to make it even easier to open the gate. 

Apple watch icon
Apple watch icon

4. Pressing the icon will bring up the interface of the gate opening app, where you can open or close the gate with a single click.

Apple watch OPEN.ioting

Want to know more about the Apple Watch settings?

Read the following frequently asked questions on this topic. In our experience a solution to 95% of problems can be found there, but if not, our Technical Support team is always ready to help.

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