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About us

Who is behind OPEN.ioting?

The OPEN.ioting smart gate opener is developed and manufactured by the AAA-certified TELL group in its own production unit in Hungary. As a key player in the domestic and international security technology market, the company offers innovative products and services in the field of remote monitoring, surveillance, gate automation and vehicle tracking. TELL was founded in 1996 and now it consists of four companies in Hungary and one subsidiary in Romania, with more than 100 employees overall.

About us

Its products are present in almost 60 countries in the public, private and corporate sectors and provides all components for the perfect remote monitoring system. Many private persons, who value safety at affordable cost choose the quality and professionalism of TELL. Moreover, popular market participants, such as Hungarian Post, Hungarian Emergency Management, HELL Energy, Hungarian State Treasury, British American Tobacco, Audi Hungária Zrt. and other successful companies also decided to go with TELL.

TELL devices are manufactured with advanced technologies, under strict control. The main profile of the parent company is development and manufacturing, and focuses on products based on mobile communication and IP technology. The devices manufactured by TELL are distributed and placed on the Hungarian market by TELL Biztonságtechnikai Rendszerek Kft. through its inland sales team. The third pillar of the corporate group is TELL Rendszerszolgáltatások Kft., providing complex fleet management services via easyTRACK, a tracking system developed by TELL, now to the satisfaction of nearly 3,000 companies of logistics and commerce. The company pays special attention to adapt to ever-changing customer requirements, therefore its developments are carried out in line with these demands by TELL Műszaki Fejlesztő Kft.

TELL Group
TELL group in exhibition

Many fields can benefit from TELL’s innovative solutions, whether it is remote monitoring, security technology, building engineering, air-conditioning technology, cooling and heating control or agriculture.

A decade of experience in development and manufacturing, as well as the strive for continuous renewal serve as a guarantee for its customers to get innovative and reliable solutions of a high technical standard. Nothing could prove this better than TELL's trademark, the outstanding technical support, which is available to all its customers.

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