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Power supply from 85-265 VAC mains

The dedicates two-pole socket marked 230 VAC is used for this purpose. Please connect the phase / L (LIVE) and neutral / N (NEUTRAL) inputs according to the label. 


IMPORTANT! For this connection method, the device must be installed in an IP67 mounting box!

Power supply from 230 VAC mains

We recommend the use of a ferrule when connecting rigid or stranded wires, and the wire must be de-energised.


Attention! According to current legislation, only trained and qualified persons are allowed to carry out high-current wiring!


Power supply with PoE switch / PoE injector

You can also provide the power needed to operate the device via an Ethernet connection. The device only supports 48 V PoE power supply, so choose a corresponding, that is, a 48 V PoE switch at purchase.


If the 48 V connection is successful, the LED next to the PoE label on the side of the device will light up in green.

PoE led

Want to know more about power supply?

Read the following frequently asked questions on this topic. In our experience a solution to 95% of problems can be found there, but if not, our Technical Support team is always ready to help.

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