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Add a command to the iPhone home screen

On an iPhone, you can add the OPEN.ioting shortcut to the home screen or set a Siri command. 


All you need to do is follow the steps below:

Open the OPEN.ioting mobile app, then go to Device Settings. There, click on the "Add to Commands" button. 

Shortcut OPEN.ioting

Change the text "OiO Device" that appears on the screen to the command you want to use to control the device in the future. This text also appears for the shortcut icon on the home screen. 


Important! When opening with Siri voice commands, the language of the text should match the language in Siri's settings (e.g. if you use Siri in English, you should give an English command here too. For example "Open my home"). 

Voice control also works with Apple CarPlay.

OPEN.ioting shortcut Siri settings
OPEN.ioting shortcut Siri settings

Add shortcuts to the home screen


Once you have added the OPEN.ioting device to the commands (previous steps), launch the Commands app, then select the OPEN.ioting command for editing by tapping the 3 dots in the top right corner.

Click on the arrow to the right of the Command name, then select "Add to Home Screen"

OPEN.ioting shortcut settings

Click on the arrow to the right of the Command name, then select "Add to Home Screen". 

OPEN.ioting shortcut settings
OPEN.ioting shortcut settings

The OPEN.ioting command icon appears. 


It is possible to change the icon to a unique photo by following the steps below:


If you want to use a custom photo for the Home Screen icon, click on the icon (in the “Name and icon on the home screen” section) and choose from the following:

  • Take a photo: You can take a new photo with the camera.

  • Select a photo: You can choose an existing photo from the Photo Library.

  • Select a file: You can choose a photo from the Files app.


To change the name on the home screen, click on the name (the box below the "Name and icon on the home screen"), tap on the item, enter a new name and tap Enter.

Press the Add button at the end.

OPEN.ioting shortcut settings

The command appears on the home screen.

OPEN.ioting shortcut icon

Want to know more about adding a command to the iPhone home screen?

Read the following frequently asked questions on this topic. In our experience a solution to 95% of problems can be found there, but if not, our Technical Support team is always ready to help.

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