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Want to open your gate with your smartwatch? It's possible now!

OPEN.ioting, the latest Hungarian innovation is here!

Make your gate or garage door smart easily

Opening gates or garage doors with a regular remote control can be a real hassle in our day-to-day lives. When we need it most, we can't find the remote control, but if we do, there's a chance the battery might be dead or the signal won't reach the gate. Have you ever encountered this frustrating situation? Not to mention the increasing safety concerns associated with remote controls. Lately, we've been hearing numerous scary stories about illegal opening methods and devices used for unauthorized access, as well as incidents of remote controls being lost or stolen from cars parked on the street.

When it comes to using traditional remote controls, managing authorizations and user registrations can be quite a headache, especially for smaller systems, but also for larger condominiums or corporate setups. If you need to add new remotes or deactivate lost ones, the process can be incredibly complex, time-consuming, and costly.

One of the leading security technology companies in Hungary, TELL created a cost-effective and secure solution for these problems: gate control via encrypted data using your smartphone or even your Apple Watch.

Besides the basic gate control functions, the OPEN.ioting device, developed and manufactured in Hungary, offers a more relaxed approach to gate management. You can check the status of your gates anywhere and anytime via the app, with the help of position limit switches installed on the gate. The gate can also be opened remotely, eliminating the need to be near to the gate to control it.

This solution is not only suitable for residential homes; it's also ideal for small offices, large condominiums, holiday homes, and even Airbnb apartments. The app is designed to enable the owner to invite up to 50 users for free, with the option to expand that number to 500. Additionally, the device can send notifications if the gate remains open, ensuring the security of your property.

OPEN.ioting can be connected to the Internet via WiFi or UTP (Ethernet) cable, and the power feed can be supplied from 230VAC mains, or via a PoE switch.

Gate opens as you approach or with a simple voice command - It's not just science fiction, it's happening now!

Coming soon, the geofencing service offered by OPEN.ioting brings a convenient feature: the ability to set specific routes that trigger gate opening when followed. Imagine the time and energy saved if you regularly commute on the same path. Moreover, when enabled, the geofencing-based gate opening can spare you the hassle of parking on a busy road. The gate will be opened for you by the time you arrive, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free entry.

In the near future, the convenience of controlling OPEN.ioting will be further enhanced with Alexa and Google Home compatibility. This means that in addition to Siri, which is already supported, voice commands will be available on other popular platforms.

When developing this device, the company carefully analyzed existing gate opening solutions to create a user-friendly and "tool-free" programming experience. The features of OPEN.ioting were designed with simplicity in mind, accompanied by a multi-language mobile application and reliable customer support.

To prioritize data security and user satisfaction, it's worth highlighting that the product's underlying infrastructure is supported by TELL through a Google Cloud-based server solution. This ensures a robust and dependable system.

Security comes first: Prioritizing safety above all

While developing OPEN.ioting, the most important aspect besides reliable operation was security. To ensure a high level of security, asymmetric encryption was employed, utilizing RSA 2048-bit encryption for certificate generation. This level of security far surpasses that of conventional remote controls.

The same technology is used to protect data and guarantee security when it comes to banking transactions, financial systems, digital signatures, email encryption, and mobile payments. The 2048-bit length of the encryption keys makes them virtually impossible to crack, even for the most advanced hackers. This recognition has established 2048-bit RSA encryption as one of the most renowned cryptographic protection methods, now integrated into the OPEN.ioting smart gate opener.

In addition to encryption, the system is fortified against potential attacks through Cloudflare's network, which includes a robust load balancing system and firewall.

The control's security is further heightened by the necessity for secure identification methods on the smartphones. Without proper authentication such as password entry, face recognition, or fingerprint-based identification, the gate remains out of reach—providing a reassuring solution in case of a lost or stolen remote control.

You can already purchase the device at an introductory price or explore detailed information on the product and the setup on the OPEN.ioting website.

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