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Damit Sie auf alles eine Antwort erhalten

  • Is smart home integration possible?
    Not yet, but the device is in the process of being validated for the various smart phone platforms.
  • Does the device work with GSM?
    No, it does not. The device currently works through WiFi or a physical LAN connection.
  • Does the device work with Bluetooth direct connection?
    No, it does not. The device does not support direct Bluetooth connection.
  • Is it necessary to have internet connection to work, or is it enough to create an internal network with an active connection, e.g. with a switch?
    In order to perform the installation and initial configuration, both the mobile phone and the device should have an active internet connection. However, after the installation, an active network connection (e.g. a switch) is all that is required for operation.
  • What kind of power supply is required for operation? Does it work with 12 VDC or 24 VAC?
    No, it does not work. The device has a built-in power supply and requires a direct power supply of 85-265VAC 47-63HZ or works via a PoE connector.
  • Which PoE voltage level and standard does the device operate at?
    This device requires a 48V PoE power supply, therefore the device will not work from 24V PoE power supplies.
  • What frequency the device is operating on: 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz?
    WiFi connection works on a 2.4 GHz network.
  • Is it necessary to have a fixed IP address for operation?
    No, the device is controlled via a server, so there is no need to have an internet subscription with a fixed IP address.
  • What is the IP environmental resistance of the device?
    The device has an IP50 environmental resistance in terms of mechanical and moisture resistance.
  • Do the relay outputs of the device provide voltage independent dry contact?
    Yes, the relays operate independently of voltage in NO/NC mode.
  • What is the load capacity of the output relays?
    The outputs have a load capacity of 250VAC/2A.
  • While the device is in operation, is it possible to use the DIP switches to change the operation mode and set parameters, or is this only allowed when the device is disconnected from the power supply?
    It does not cause any error in the operation of the device, in fact the device immediately interprets the change of state of the switches. However, for safety reasons, we always recommend disconnecting the device from the power supply.
  • Is there a difference between the accuracy of mechanical (micro switch) and reed relay status feedback?
    Yes, limit switches with micro-switches on the rack or gate can detect the actual open or closed state. However, the "switching distance" of a magnetic REED relay depends on the strength of the magnet, which means that even if the gate or garage door is open a few centimetres, the device can still indicate a closed state - if the sensor becomes "idle" before it is fully closed due to the force of the operating magnet.
  • Is there an auxiliary input on the device that transmits the ringing function to the phone?
    No, there is not. We recommend the GATE CONTROL PRO product for such a need.
  • Can the system be used simultaneously with existing remote controls?
    Yes, the device can be connected to the receiver of the existing remote control simultaneously, or it can be connected to the open/close input of the control. (The technical design of the existing gate control electronics determines the usability. These can vary in terms of their technical design).
  • Is it necessary to block the inputs of the device if the limit switch is not connected?
    No, it is not. After selecting the switch for the mode without opening sensor, the device ignores the input status.
  • How does the actual open and closed state of the gate will be displayed?
    The fully open and fully closed states of the gates will be displayed if there is a limit switch or an opening detector installed in both the fully open and fully closed states. In this case, you will see both the fully open and closed state of the gate in the application. If the gate is stopped between the two end stops, the "warning" icon will appear on the display.
  • Does the device work exclusively with DHCP dynamic IP address allocation, or is it possible to set a fixed IP address in the device?
    No, the device works only with DHCP connection.
  • What and how can the IN3 input be used on the device?
    The IN3 input ensures that OPEN.ioting can be opened with an external device or pushbutton. Here you can connect for example the remote opening push button (toggle switch) of the gate or garage door, so that the gate can also be controlled by push button.
  • What happens if there is no WiFi or LAN access and the device is inactive?
    The device cannot operate the gate controller without a network connection. Once the WiFi or LAN connection is restored, it will be available again.
  • Can I use the device on a 110 V network in the US?
    Yes. The device can be used in the voltage range 85-265 VAC.
  • Is it possible to set up automatic locking with the system?
    No, there is not. Since closing back is a standard function of gate controls, it is recommended to set this on the gate controller.
  • Can I provide temporary access to the gate (for example during a holiday)?
    In OPEN.ioting device, it is easy to add and remove users, so it makes sense to manage the periodic entitlement in this way. The device does not support a built-in calendar.
  • If the WiFi network is not available in the garage or at the gate, what should I do?
    The structure and material of buildings and greater distances, such as floors and reinforced concrete structures, can shield WiFi networks. We recommend to test the device at its permanent installation site before installation. The water content of plants can also shade the WiFi, so you should also consider placing a gate behind a continuous hedge or bushy area. In the case of a single garage, close the metal garage door to ensure that the device still has reception when shaded.
  • Is it possible to connect an external antenna to the device?
    No, the device works with a built-in antenna, so it is not possible to install an external antenna.
  • What to do if the gate control electronics are installed in a metal box (steel or aluminum)? Can I put the OPEN.ioting in metal box?
    Since the WiFi antenna of the device is built into the device, you should avoid placing it in a metal structure that reduces/shields WiFi reception. Since metal boxes shield and reduce WiFi signal strength inside the box, we recommend to install the device in a plastic box. Where possible, we recommend to connect the network via the LAN port of the Ethernet port in a metal box installation, so that communication will be wired and independent of the WiFi network.
  • Does the device send an error message if one of the connections (LAN or WiFi) breaks?
    No, it is not.
  • Can the device work simultaneously on a LAN and WiFi network?
    Yes, it is controlled via the available network.
  • Does the device check for a connection between the phone and OPEN.ioting?
    No, it is not.
  • When searching WiFi networks, does the OPEN.ioting device appear among the WiFi connections? How can I directly connect to the device?
    OPEN.ioting WiFi only appears in WiFi connections when the device is switched to WiFi setup mode. In this case, this connection is used to set up the WiFi network connection of the device. This setup is done by the mobile app, so there is no need to connect directly to the device.
  • Why can't the app find a device in the Add menu?
    There are two ways to connect the device to the network: Via Ethernet connection or WiFi connection. In both modes, it is important that the device and the mobile phone are connected to the same network. For Ethernet connections, it is important that the WiFi network to which the mobile phone is connected reaches the wired network to which the device is connected. For WiFi connections, it is important to install the device on the same WiFi network as the mobile phone. It is also important for the device to get an IP address from the network, so there should be a DHCP server on the network that the device can request an IP address from. When this happens, the IP light (LED) next to the Ethernet port will turn yellow.
  • What does it mean to have X OPEN.ioting already configured on the network?
    It is possible to have multiple OPEN.ioting devices on the same network. For example, OPEN.ioting has been installed for the fence gate and the garage gate. In such cases, if these devices are on the same network, when the second device is installed, the mobile app will also find and display the previously installed device on the network. It may also be possible that someone has already set up the device but deleted it from their mobile app. In this case, the device will remain available on the network and will continue to receive commands from other users. Sometimes you may want to start the installation of the device again. In this case, you can reset the device to factory default using the following procedure: Disconnect the device from the power supply, then press and hold the WS button on the device side for at least 5 seconds and release it while switching the device back on. Then the device is reset to factory default.
  • Why does the device display an exclamation mark in a triangle in the app?
    The registration of the device via the Internet has failed. Although it is possible to open the device via a local network without the internet, internet connection is required to register the OPEN.ioting device. This signal will be displayed until the device has reached the internet at least once. If this happens, the device will perform the registration via the cloud, and when it is done, the exclamation mark will disappear and the gate status icon will be displayed and the device will be operational. Internet connection is no longer necessary; the mobile app can also access the device via the local network.
  • What does the “Gate is open” notification mean?
    If the S1 switch responsible for the setting is set to YES, the limit switches are allowed to be connected. If there is a limit switch, you will receive a Push notification when the gate is in the open state, provided that it does not return to the closed state within the set time interval.
  • The gate has already opened, but the opening animation is still displayed, why is that?
    If there is no limit switch, the application does not know when the gate is open. In this case, the animation will last for 60 seconds.
  • Why does the app not show whether the gate is open or closed?
    Limit switches must be correctly wired into the device. Without them, the application does not know the status of the gate.
  • How can I connect my device to a new WiFi network?
    Go to Settings → Device Wi-Fi setup.
  • I have resetted (factory reset) the device but it is still in the app, why is that?
    The mobile app does not know about the device reset because it loses the right to reset the device, so the device can be safely deleted because it will never be available again.
  • How can I reset the device to factory default?
    step: Disconnect the device from the power supply. step: Press and hold the WS button. step: Switch on the device - connect the power supply. IMPORTANT! The WS button should be pressed when the power supply is connected and hold down. step: Wait at least 5 seconds, then release the WS button.
  • How can I delete a user and/or withdraw permissions?
    The following options are available in the device user profile: Invite User (adding additional users to the system) or Transfer Ownership (in case of a change of ownership, the main user can be changed here).
  • How many users can be assigned to a device within one application?
    You can assign 50 users to a device within one app, free of charge. This number of users can be expanded: Up to 51-100 users for + EUR 25 and up to 101-500 users for + EUR 50. Therefore, if you have 500 users, you will pay both prices, a total of EUR 75.
  • Why can I not invite users?
    The invited users belong to the OPEN.ioting device. This means that if you have multiple OPEN.ioting devices, they may have different users. Therefore, only the owner of the relevant device - that is, the person who bought it and installed it for the first time - shall be entitled to the invitation. If it is not possible to invite users to a particular device, it does not have “Owner” permission. Users can only be invited to access the device with "Owner" role. IMPORTANT: There can only be one owner of the device at one time, but ownership can be transferred.
  • How can I accept the invitation I received?
    After being invited, you must accept the invitation by clicking on the link in the email and install the OPEN.ioting application.
  • How can I invite a new user to a device?
    In the device settings with your email address, if you are the owner of the device.
  • What does “Transfer of ownership” mean?
    Users can only be invited to access the device with "Owner" role and each device can only have one owner at a time. “Transfer of Ownership” means that the current owner transfers this role to another user, meaning that this person will no longer have the right to manage the users of the device. It will be replaced by the user to whom the ownership has been transferred.
  • What happens if I delete a user I have invited?
    The user loses the right and will be deleted from the account.
  • What happens to the invited users if the owner deletes the device from the mobile app?
    All users lose the device (it will be deleted). If you do not want this, you should transfer the ownership.
  • I deleted the device, but the system still shows that the device is set, why is that?
    Deleting from the mobile app does not mean resetting the device (factory reset). It has to be done manually.
  • How can I register with an email address/why is it not prompting for a password?
    The purpose of registering and logging in with an email address is to be able to log in to the application securely without remembering a password. When you register with an email address, a single-use (active for 24 hours) key will be created. The key is a 40 characters long identifier, including numbers, upper and lower case letters, which replaces the password. This key will be sent to the email address you provided, embedded in a link. Opening the link with the mobile app, the mobile app will create the account and perform the login using the email address and the key sent. This login method is much more secure than using a password, because The key is more complex than the passwords usually used (40 characters, numbers, upper and lower case letters). The key can only be used once, so it cannot be used again after login, regardless of whether someone else has the email, the key will no longer be available for login. (The password can be used several times.) By default, only the account owner has access to the email account, and the email account is already protected by a password - there is no need to remember and store additional passwords.
  • What to do if I need to change my device?
    If the OPEN.ioting device has to be replaced for any reason, it shall be installed as a new device in place of the existing one. The old device can be deleted from the list of devices added to the app.
  • When will the date in the “End of Warranty” text in the device information start?
    The first registration of the device will be recorded by the server, this date will be the start date of the installation. The warranty period is 1 year from that date.
  • Is it necessary to have a power supply or an additional adapter or plug-in power supply to install the device?
    No, it is not. This device operates on 230 VAC direct or PoE power, therefore no additional power supply is required.
  • On which platforms does the mobile app linked to the device work?
    The app works on Android and iOS mobile phones and Apple smartwatches.
  • Does the mobile app work on a tablet?
    No, currently the mobile app only runs on mobile phones and Apple smartwatches.
  • Do I have to pay to use the app?
    No, the app is free.
  • Why can I not change my profile picture?
    For Facebook and Google login, the profile picture will be copied from those sites, while for the others a default picture will be displayed.
  • What happens if I delete my account?
    All data is deleted; and the data on devices you own will also be deleted.
  • What happens to devices that I own and delete the account?
    These devices will be deleted and invited users will also lose these devices.
  • Can I change the order of my devices?
    Yes, go to Settings → Arrange devices.
  • Can I set the app to use a dark/light theme?
    Yes, go to Settings → Application settings → Color scheme.
  • How can I change the language of the app?
    Go to Settings → Application settings → Language.
  • On my Apple watch, the OIO app has been showing "Sync in progress" for hours/days. What could be the problem?
    Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Passwords and Keychain -> Sync iPhone must be enabled.
  • What kind of gates can be controlled by this device?
    The OPEN.ioting device is not meant to be used as a substitute for the gate control electronics, which control the operation of the motors required to move the gates. It allows remote opening of all doors and windows whose control has a control input. These include, for example: sliding doors, opening doors, garage doors, garage gates, industrial high-speed gates, slatted gates, barrier gates, bollards, barriers, parking barriers, mobile road and barricades, road barriers, automatic doors, detective grilles, mobile glass gantries, metal grids, chain parking barriers.
  • To which gate control inputs can the OPEN.ioting device be connected?
    There are basically two methods of connection. Method of operation 1: The gate control has one input and supports “STEP BY STEP” operation mode. Method of operation 2: The gate control also has separate opening and closing inputs. Both modes are supported by the device.
  • Is it possible to control two gates with two outputs?
    No, it is not. The number of outputs determines the method of operation. OPEN.ioting is recommended for controlling one gate.
  • Is it possible to control the door opening with a traditional phone?
    No, because you can neither make a phone call nor send an SMS to connect to the device.
  • Is the device suitable to replace the gate control electronics to directly control the motor?
    The OPEN.ioting device can provide an opening and closing contact when connected to existing gate control electronics, therefore it does not replace the existing control electronics, but it can replace the receiver unit of the remote control.
  • What happens if the device is only equipped with an opening sensor or limit switch?
    If the sensor detects an opening from the closed state, the system will display the "intermediate state" icon during the opening state and will display the closed state icon again during the closed state (a screenshot could be inserted here)
  • Is it possible to open the gate by SMS or voice call?
    No, it is not possible, since the device does not communicate via SIM card. For such use, we recommend to use GATE CONTROL PRO device.
  • How can the pulse length of the control be set for a longer time, for example in the case of grid or roller shutter of a shop, or for direct control?
    If the device is used in single output mode,the second relay can be used for this purpose. The second relay pulse length can be set from the mobile app.
  • Is the control signal transmission path encrypted?
  • What happens if more than one user wants to control the device at the same time? Is it possible to have multiple connections at the same time?
    Yes. If there is a difference of at least 1 second between the control signals, the signals will be sent one after the other, so if two signals are sent at the same time, the gate will behave depending on the type of motor controller. For single output control mode, this will most likely cause the gate to start opening and then stop immediately.
  • What happens if you simultaneously give a close command in the application and an open command with a push button?
    If there are two commands within 1 second, the device will only execute the first command. So, if you give a closing command, then an opening command within 1 second with a push button, the gate will only do the closing. However, if more than 1 second has passed between the two commands, the device will execute the second command, so the closing stops and the gate starts to open.
  • Is the OPEN.ioting device suitable for other controlling tasks?
    Yes. All control and remote control tasks can be performed, in which a task is to be controlled by a contact and the state of the controlled device is to be detected. For example, the device can also be used to control the electric sunshade of a terrace, and the end position switches allow to display the open, fully open and closed status in the app.
  • How much time is there between the issued control and the change of state of the relay?
    This interval is determined by the network and mobile connection, but is generally around 1-2 seconds.
  • Is it only possible to control it by phone or does it work on a desktop computer?
    The device can only be controlled by a mobile app, but the mobile app can also run on a desktop. For more information on Windows, please click on “Link Your Phone to Windows”, and for MacOs, please click on “How to run iOS app on Mac”.
  • Can I control the gateway even if there is no internet?
    Yes, if the device is on the same network and the device has already received Internet access once. From then on, the gate can be also controlled offline.
  • Is it possible to control the device with a remote control or an external push button? If yes, how?
    Yes, this is what the S3 input is for, which is a (NO) input. The push-button or remote control receiver unit can be inserted here to trigger the control in the event of a short circuit. This may be necessary, for example, in places where the device is installed next to an existing remote control system, since remote opening is still available for those who do not have a smartphone or app.
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